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Why this makes sense for Educators

  • A master contact list of all students using the solution, program administrators will have this information prior to the students traveling.
  • A simple, secure solution means fewer support issues for the students, which in turn can mean fewer headaches for the administrators.
  • Parents will be able to call their students as if they were still in the US … cost-effective, reliable solutions make for happy parents.
  • The ability to earn commission.


  • Earn a 10% commission.
  • Training and Marketing available to support the program.
  • No bill-shock for students – 10GB and 20GB data bundles available, only $5/GB overage.
  • The simplicity and security of the offer mean satisfied students and, more importantly, satisfied parents!
  • Now more than ever parents are demanding reliable communication solutions so they feel comfortable sending their children outside of the US for a semester abroad. With over 30 years of experience as an international mobile solutions provider, and with offices located in England and France, Cellhire is the best choice for short-term international mobility.

One Solution,
Multiple Countries

Unique Offer,
Local Phone Number

Secure Internet

Great Commission Opportunity
for Partner

Offer Works with All
Student-Owned Smartphones

eSIM from

eSIM offers unmatched flexibility and convenience when traveling. Say goodbye to the hassles of a physical SIM card and enjoy the convenience of switching carriers and plans directly on your device.

Dataroam's eSIM offers you one solution regardless of the country you are visiting in Europe. With instant activation upon arrival at your destination, you can concentrate on enjoying yourself with the peace of mind that you will have your mobile data, even if you visit multiple European countries during your visit.

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